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Drawing of gun with a lock on it

Let’s Talk About Your Guns


Our team intends to create a podcast series to inform and empower individuals about how to have conversations regarding safe storage of firearms with gun owners. The goal of our project is to help decrease suicide rates among firearm owners based on research that indicates gun owners who safely store their firearms are less likely to die from firearm-related suicide. Our team plans to overcome discomfort associated with conversations about firearms and safe storage by offering stories to motivate and dispel myths around this potentially awkward subject.

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Strategic Alignment with National Suicide Prevention Goals

CDC Suicide Prevention Strategies

As it is outlined in the CDC's "Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices," our project is aligned with the following strategies:

    • Create Protective Environments

    • Promote Connectedness

    • Lessen Harms and Prevent Future Risk

White House Priorities

As it is outlined in The White House "Fact Sheet: New Strategy Outlines Five Priorities for Reducing Military and Veteran Suicide," our project is aligned with the following priorities:

    • Improving Lethal Means Safety

    • Addressing Upstream Risk and Protective Factors

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