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About the Program


In 2022, the Center was entrusted to develop a Suicide Prevention Program to raise awareness of suicide as a public health problem and promote the mental health and well-being of Service members and beyond. The focus of the Program is to shape and support efforts across military and non-military populations to reduce suicidal behaviors and promote protective environments.

The Suicide Prevention Program Pillars include:

  • Program Consultation
  • Pilot Projects & Evaluation
  • Partner Engagement & Collaboration
  • Translational Education Products
    • for Providers and Researchers
    • for Leaders, Service members, Families, and Communities
    • for Unique Populations
  • Messaging

The Suicide Prevention Program projects align with several CDC Suicide Prevention Strategies including:

  • Strengthen Economic Supports
  • Strengthen Access and Delivery of Suicide Care
  • Create Protective Environments
  • Promote Connectedness
  • Teach Coping and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Identify and Support People at Risk
  • Lessen Harms and Prevent Future Risk

The projects align with several White House Priorities for Reducing Military and Veteran Suicide including:

  • Improving Lethal Means Safety
  • Enhancing Crisis Care and Facilitating Care Transitions
  • Increasing Access to and Delivery of Effective Care
  • Addressing Upstream Risk and Protective Factors
  • Increasing Research Coordination, Data Sharing, & Evaluation Efforts

Click HERE for an info sheet of our projects