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Mental Push-ups: Mindfulness in the Military Application


Our team intends to adapt evidence-informed exercises and skills education to develop a novel mindfulness app for military populations. The materials used for the app are based on extensive research and work with high-demand cohorts, including the DoD. Current evidence supports that mindfulness training improves mental health, attention, and working memory. At the present, there is no established product for wide dissemination of mindfulness training and practice in the military. Our team intends to fill this gap as an upstream suicide prevention and wellness tool. Existing mindfulness resources are not contextualized for the military, are resource intensive, and do not support optimal uptake.

Strategic Alignment with National Suicide Prevention Goals

CDC Suicide Prevention Strategies

As it is outlined in the CDC's "Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices," our project is aligned with the following strategies:

    • Promote Connectedness

    • Teach Coping and Problem-Solving Skills

White House Priorities

As it is outlined in The White House "Fact Sheet: New Strategy Outlines Five Priorities for Reducing Military and Veteran Suicide," our project is aligned with the following priorities:

    • Addressing Upstream Risk and Protective Factors

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