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Suicide Prevention Program Projects

Several projects are supported by the SPP program. Download a summary of our projects HERE

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Mental Push-ups

Create an upstream suicide prevention tool to optimize performance and reduce stress through mindfulness practice

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Warrior Mindset: Gaining a Tactical Advantage

Enhance resiliency skills in high stress situations through positive psychology

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Project Safeguard

Implement scalable firearms safety trainings for geographically dispersed military populations

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The Military Survivor Family Safety Toolkit

Promote family health, well-being, and safe homes in military survivors

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Psychiatry eModules

Train early career medical personnel in upstream risk factors for negative health outcomes

Analysis - Plan - Control - Risk - Evaluate - Review - Assessment

Essentials of Ethical Research

Enable researchers to identify and manage suicide risk suicide risk in the context of research

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Let's Talk About Your Guns

Close the knowledge gap in communicating secure firearm storage options with service members

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Safe is Strong

Reduce negative health behaviors that undermine family health and safety

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Create an upstream suicide prevention tool to enhance bereavement coping strategies

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Finding the Words

Model conversations and shape language around suicide risk and connection to support

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Brain Hijack: Science to Practice in Suicide Prevention

Create a communication platform to support culture shift and ease around suicide prevention and wellness conversations

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Supporting Our Shipmates: Gatekeeper Trainer Project

Build up a network of mental health safety throughout the enterprise.

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Warrior Mindset Video

View the Warrior Mindset Video

Listen to Brain Hijack Episodes Listen to Let's Talk About Your Guns Episodes

Meta-Evaluation Framework