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What is PSB-CY?

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The definition of problematic sexual behavior between children and youth (PSB-CY) for the military services is in the DoD issuance 6400-01 Family Advocacy Program (FAP) dated May 1, 2019 and was repeated in the Secretary of the Army Direction 2021-27 Installation Response to Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children and Youth dated June 7, 2021. PSB-CY is defined as the sexual behaviors initiated by children and youth under the age of 18 and are more likely to deviate from normative or typical sexual behavior and be developmentally inappropriate and/or potentially harmful.

These behaviors are characterized by one or more of the following:

  1. occurs at a higher frequency than is typical given the child's or youth's age and development
  2. is preoccupying or is a greater focus of the child's or youth's interactions and interests than other behaviors
  3. interferes with the child's or youth's social development or social functioning
  4. does not respond to caregiver or other adult intervention
  5. involves sexual knowledge, language, and/or behaviors that are inappropriate for the child’s or youth’s chronological or developmental age
  6. includes aggression, force, threats, or coercion
  7. includes intrusive sexual behavior, such as penetration
  8. is deliberative rather than spontaneous or exploratory in nature
  9. includes alcohol or other mind-altering substances
  10. involves aggressive or violent pornography
  11. engenders strong, upset feelings in any other child or youth involved in the behaviors
  12. is non-mutual
  13. occurs between children or youth who are distinct in terms of age, cognitive, social, and/or physical development, or otherwise demonstrate developmental inequalities