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About the The Family Violence Project

The Family Violence Project is a component of the Child and Family Program at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS). The Project was initiated in 1995 in order to study and report the epidemiology of child maltreatment and domestic violence in the Army. Using data from the Army, the project has published over 50 publications in scientific and medical literature and presented reports at a variety of national and international conferences. The work of the project has been directed toward improving the prevention and treatment of victims and offenders in family maltreatment through a better understanding of the trends of the rates of maltreatment, its type and severity, and demographic characteristics of victims and offenders in maltreatment incidents. The staff of the Project also contribute to annual Army maltreatment fatality reviews and consult with other components of the Army and the Department of Defense on matters of interest in maltreatment.