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Other helpful resources on PSB-CY topics

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The resources provided by the DoD for supporting Family Advocacy Program (FAP) providers gives a wide variety of topics and approaches to provide services to families of children exhibiting and impacted by problematic sexual behavior between children and youth (PSB-CY). Some resources are about broader categories of childhood behaviors while others are specific to PSB-CY. Here are links to DoD-supported platforms:

  • Virtual Lab School – This website has web-based training on a range of child and youth topics. Note that it is available only to individuals employed by military child and youth programs and requires that an administrator set up individual accounts.
  • OneOp: Readiness. Knowledge. Network. — Previously the Military Family Learning Network Series on PSB-CY, this website has a variety of webinars that address different topic areas related to sexual behavior in children and youth. Each is free to attend, available for replay viewing, and offers continuing education credit and certificate of attendance options.
  • National Children’s Alliance (NCA) – This website includes content of this website is directed to child advocacy centers (CACs), and features the ENGAGE Platform for Training on PSB-CY. The NCA partnered with the National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth to produce a free, two-hour video training series intended for CACs on addressing PSB-CY. The video requires registration.
  • The MilitaryOneSource PSB-CY —Resources for Military Families — This is a major source of resources for military-family-related topics. Under Benefits and Resources, links can be found for information on DoD policies and training sites for parents, clinicians, and helping professionals on understanding child sexual development and concerning sexual behaviors.
  • The Penn State Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness — The Non-Clinical Referral Tool (NCRT) is provided here to assist in determining if a referral or consult to FAP is warranted and assists FAP in determining if the multidisciplinary team (MDT) needs to be engaged for a reported incident of PSVB-CY.
  • The Army Military Police School conducts a five-day in-person training for handling PSB-CY and implementing trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. For more information, contact the PSB-CY lead at the installation for enrollment information.