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Bereavement Adaptation: Learning And Navigating Coping EssentiaLS

A program to help you monitor and adjust your coping strategies

Learning to adapt and navigate life after bereavement can be challenging. Some ways of coping with bereavement can be more effective and healthier than others. BALANCE is an interactive tool based on research studies that has been created for bereaved individuals to practice healthy coping strategies.

This user-friendly platform allows you to:

Identify which coping skills you currently use in the Coping Check-in.

Learn about problematic vs. healthy coping in Ways of Coping.

Understand how different coping strategies can affect a (fictional) family in Coping in Context.

Monitor and adjust the ways you cope by trying suggested activities in the Coping Tracker.

How can I try BALANCE? 

If you would like to try BALANCE, please sign up.

To register, you will need to enter an email address and password. Then you can create your coping profile. This profile will include your responses to the Coping Check-in and allows access to the Coping Tracker where you can keep track of suggested coping activities you use.