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Working Documents & Technical Reports

Aliaga, P. SHOS-A Investigation of Duplicate Suicide Attempt Case. Working Document, February, 2022.

E-mail and Web-Based Survey Response Rates: Considerations for Disaster, First Responder and Military Populations

Fullerton, C. S.  Individual and group behavior in toxic and contained environments.  Conference Co-Director, Airlie, VA, December, 1986.

Fullerton, C. S.  Training for the psychological and behavioral effects of the high stress (CBW) environment.  Conference Co-Director, Airlie, VA, November, 1987.

Fullerton, C.S.  Conference Coordinator.  Trauma, Stress & Health, Military Women in Combat, Deployment and Contingency Operations.  Airlie, VA, 1995.

Ursano, R.J., Fullerton, C.S., Norwood, A.E. (Eds.). Planning for Bioterrorism:  Behavior & Mental Health Responses to Weapons of Mass Weapons of Mass Destruction & Mass Disruption: Conference Proceedings.  (DTIC: 142 pages).  Bethesda, MD:  USUHS, 2000.