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NCTSN Military and Veteran Families Learning Community

In July 2015, SAMHSA, NCTSN and Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) partnered together to produce a special pre-conference event in conjunction with MCEC's National Training Seminar in Washington DC. Experts and leadership provided interviews, panel discussions and TED-like talks on issues pertaining to care and support to military connected families and children.

NCTSN- Stephen Cozza, MD Meeting the Intervention Needs of Military Children

Dr. Cozza provides a framework for interventions to serve the mental health needs of military children.

NCTSN- Carl Castro, Ph.D. Combat Veteran Paradox

Dr. Castro describes the challenges associated with going to and returning from war for service members, including the many paradoxes that prevent getting help.

NCTSN- Kelly Blasko, Ph,.D. Voice of the Military Child

Dr. Blasko describes the development of Military Kids Connect website and use of technology to support military children.

Panel Presentations

NCTSN Panel- Parenting Challenges for Military and Veterans

Dr. Abi Gewirtz interviews COL Rick Campise and Mary "Tib" Campise about challenges to parenting among military members due to the stress of deployment and prolonged separation.

NCTSN Panel- Family violence, military sexual trauma, and child maltreatment

Deborah Gibbs, Ph.D., Lisa Jaycox, Ph.D., Kate McGraw, Ph.D. and Sara Nett, Psy.D. provide an overview of the issues of child maltreatment and military sexual trauma in military settings.

NCTSN Panel- Prevention services and treatments for military and veteran families

Esther Deblinger, Ph.D., John Fairbank, Ph.D., Dorinda Williams, Ph.D. and Ms. Gabby Gadson describe services available for military members including evidence based interventions developed by NCTSN and ZERO TO THREE.

Interviews with Senior Leadership

Interview with Dr. Harold Kudler, VACO

Dr. Kudler from VA provides an overview of mental health programs available to returning veterans and their families.

Interview with Dr. Robert Pynoos, UCLA

Dr. Pynoos from NCTSN shares some history about the NCTSN and military families.

Interview with Deborah Gibbs, Ph.D., RTI

Dr. Gibbs provides an overview on the topic of child maltreatment in military settings

Interview with Nancy Kelly, SAMHSA

Nancy Kelly from SAMHSA describes her experiences as a member of a military family returning from war.