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Joining Forces Joining Families, Summer 2017 – Perpetration of and effects on victims of bullying

In This Issue

This issue of Joining Forces Joining Families (JFJF) features an interview
with Ernest Jouriles, PhD, and Kelli Sargent, BA, on the perpetration of and
effects on victims of bullying with an emphasis on cyberbullying. We provide
a brief review of traditional bullying, cyberbullying, and recent research on
risks and benefits of digital technologies that are often used by children and
adolescents. In our regular research methods article, we describe differences
in cross-sectional and longitudinal research studies. We also describe the
longitudinal study on cybervictimization conducted by Ms. Sargent and
colleagues. Websites of interest lists useful online resources for families,
counselors, educators, and healthcare providers on violence prevention and
healthy relationships.