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Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference

15th Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference

14th Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference

Presentation by Anne Germain, PhD: "Wake up to Sleep! A Translational Perspective of the Role of Sleep in Readiness and Resilience"

Presentation by Dennis S. Charney,MD: "Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges"

Presentation by Jessica M. Gill, PhD, RN: "Gene-activity and Proteins that Relate to Chronic PTSD Symptoms"

Presentation by James L. Griffith, MD: "Mobilizing Hope in the Face of Despair: Applying Social Neuroscience Research in Brief Clinical Encounters"

Presentation by Irwin Lucki, PhD: "Preclinical Development of Ketamine and the Metabolite 2R,6R-Hydroxynorketamine for Depression and Other Disorders"

Playlist of 14th presentations

13th Annual Amygdala, Stress, and PTSD Conference: The Sequela of Trauma  

12th Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference: Understanding Stress

11th Annual Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference: The Effects of Stress and Loss

Presentation by Michael S. Fanselow, PhD: "Neural Mechanisms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as seen through Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning"

Panel 1 Discussion moderatated by William P. Nash, MD with Mar Sanchez, PhD and Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD as the Panel Members

Presentation by David S. Krantz, PhD: "Stress, Anger, and Coronary Heart Disease: Downstream Effects of PTSD"

Presentation by Naomi Michele Simon, MD, MSc: "Understanding the Diagnosis and Treatment of Complicated Grief: A Post-Loss Stress Disorder"

Panel 2 Discussion moderatated by Patcho N. Santiago, MD, MPH with Michael S. Fenslow, PhD and Naomi M. Simon, MD, M.Sc and David S. Krantz, PhD as Panel Members

Playlist of 11th presentations & panels