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Disaster Psychiatry and Disaster Behavioral Health Consultation

The provision of consultation regarding extreme events has been a core activity of The Center since its inception. Consultation is offered and sought based The Center’s depth and breadth of expertise as well as its linkage with dozens of partners and stakeholders. This service is especially important as it represents the application of science, diverse professional expertise, and experience in real-life, real-time challenges. Consultation provides informed and objective evaluation of high stress situations, demonstrated ability to rapidly integrate its substantial human and academic resources, and deliver assistance in a variety of formats for end users. Extreme events often occur with little or no notice and the need for consultation can occur in a matter of minutes and hours.

Of special note, is the Center’s provision of consultation to leadership in extreme events. Frequently, governmental, private sector, and community leaders will seek consultation regarding the special challenges they face.  Areas of consultation include natural and human caused events, mass casualty and fatality events (including shootings), and terrorist events. The Center has consulted on events and issues within the United States and internationally.