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Kwang H. Choi, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Uniformed Services University

Kwang Choi, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Choi received his BS in Biology and MA in Applied Biology from the Dong Guk University in South Korea and his PhD in Neuroscience and Psychiatry from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He completed his post-doctoral training in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, and worked as a scientist at the Stanley Laboratory of Brain Research in Rockville, MD.

The overall goal of Dr. Choi's research is to identify significant molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders such as brain injury, traumatic stress, and substance use disorders. He is taking a multi-faceted approach to his research by utilizing preclinical animal models, molecular and biochemical assays, non-invasive brain imaging (PET and CT scans), and clinical data analysis of injured service members. These strategies complement each other by cross-validating the key neurobiological mechanisms that may contribute to individual differences in the sequelae of neuropsychiatric disorders. Identifying risk factors of neuropsychiatric disorders and their mechanisms will enable us to develop improved prevention and treatment strategies for these debilitating disorders.

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