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Our Center advances trauma-informed care through cutting edge research, education and training, and resources that draw upon our expertise in military and disaster psychiatry. . . . [more]



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What’s New?

The 10th Annual Amygdala PTSD Conference: Of Mice and Man

This year’s conference takes place on April 21, 2015, at the Sanford Auditorium, Building B, USU. The Amygdala, Stress and PTSD Conference at the Uniformed Services University brings together scientists and clinicians working towards solving the biological basis of stress, fear, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Click here to view and download the 2015 conference program. [visit the website]

Artiss Symposium 2014

Psychiatry and Pain Management

The Center is a sponsoring partner for the annual Artiss Symposium. Kenneth L. Artiss, MD (1913–2001), the namesake of the symposium, was an Army officer, a research psychiatrist and instructor at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who inspired generations of military psychiatry residents to conduct high quality research. Past topics have included Psychiatry and Sleep Disorders, and Evaluation and Treatment of Genital Injuries in Combat Warriors. [more]

The Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)

Army STARRS is a multicomponent epidemiological and neurobiological study designed to generate actionable evidence-based recommendations to reduce Army suicides and increase knowledge about risk and resilience factors for suicidality and its psychopathological correlates. This paper presents an overview of the Army STARRS component study designs and of recent findings. Report | Commentary

A Parent’s Guide to Returning Your Child to School After a Concussion

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) released a 26-page guide that offers practical advice to parents on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, information on treatment and recovery, and what a parent can do to support a child’s recovery and successful return to school. [more]

CSTS 2013 Annual Report

The Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS) entered its second quarter century of service to our nation in 2013. View our 2013 Annual Report here.