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Initial Primary Care Screening for Severe Psychiatric Illness

Most reactions experienced by displaced individuals in the aftermath of disasters will be transient or respond to brief supportive interventions. However, primary care providers conducting initial assessments should remain vigilant

Courage to Care: Suicide Facts (For Families)

Suicide has increased dramatically in the military since the start of the global war on terrorism. Family members and military leaders are all working together to address the needs of

Courage to Care: Suicide Facts for Primary Care Providers

Suicide of our military service members is the highest on record, rising for a fourth straight year and surpassing the suicide rate in the general population. In the Army, about

Courage to Care: Depression in Primary Care

Due to concerns around stigma and one’s career, primary care is often the setting of choice for service members and families to address mental health issues. Our nation’s war on

Courage to Care: Alcohol and Your Health

Deployments, family separations, single parenting, and reintegration stressors can make service members, their spouses, and even their adolescent children vulnerable to alcohol misuse, abuse, or dependence. Most people who drink