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Resources for Recovery: Reintegration and Intimacy (For Families)

Reintegration is about more than coming home. It is about resuming and establishing relationships that provide pleasure, comfort and support. Intimacy — the capacity to enjoy closeness and sexual togetherness

Understanding Post Deployment Stress Symptoms: Helping Your Loved Ones

Families and friends of returning service members often wonder what to expect after their loved one comes home from a combat zone. They may ask what is “typical” and when

Courage to Care: Reuniting With Your Loved One

In response to numerous inquiries from family and friends of loved ones returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS) would like

Courage to Care: Reintegration Roadmap

Uniformed Services University applauds the educational efforts and programs our Department of Defense community is providing to assist troops and their families in the reintegration process post deployment. To enhance

Courage to Care: Helping National Guard and Reserve to Re-Enter Workplace

This fact sheet explains the emotional and psychological issues that reservists may experience transitioning from active duty into their former job or workplace. It is written for both the military

Courage to Care: Becoming A Couple Again

Coming together as a couple after war deployment isn’t always easy or something that happens naturally. It requires effort, and an understanding that each person has grown and changed during