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Terrorism and Disaster: Emergency Mental Health After A Suicide Bombing

Continuing Medical Education series created through Uniformed Services University and RUSH Medical School collaboration.

Psychological First Aid

People often experience strong and unpleasant emotional and physical responses to disasters. Reactions may include combinations of confusion, fear, hopelessness, helplessness, sleeplessness, physical pain, anxiety, anger, grief, shock, aggressiveness, mistrustfulness,

Psychological First Aid (Chinese)

This is the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress resource “Psychological First Aid” Chinese translation.

Principles of Psychological First Aid (Japanese)

Resource features the Five Principles of Psychological First Aid by Hobfoll et al translated to Japanese.

Sustaining Caregiving and Psychological Well-Being While Caring for Disaster Victims

The magnitude of death and destruction in disasters and the often difficult nature of the medical response require special attention to the needs of health care providers. Supporting caregivers and

Courage to Care: Psychological First Aid

As a healthcare provider, first responder, leader or manager of disaster operations, this fact sheet describes an evidenced-based approach for helping victims cope in the immediate aftermath of a disaster