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Restoring a Sense of Safety in the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting: Tips for Parents and Professionals

Too often our children are exposed to violence that is both senseless and harmful. Many children, those living in close proximity to a tragic event, and those who will learn

Stress Management for Parents

The magnitude of death and destruction in this event require special attention to communicating with children and adolescents. Physical safety and security takes priority.  It is difficult to predict the

Courage to Care: Tips for Caring for Your Newborn and Yourself

Military Children are our nation’s children. Congratulations on the birth of your Military Child who enters a special community of caring and courage. These are traditions and values that belong

Courage to Care: Public Health Emergencies (Family)

Public health emergencies, such as the swine flu epidemic, create a call to action for individuals and families to take responsibility for their health. The public is a key partner

Courage to Care: Helping Children Cope During Deployment

This fact sheet contains useful information for you — parents and family caregivers — to help children cope during a parents’ deployment. Experts in military medicine and family trauma who

Courage to Care: Caring Your Family During Flu Season

If you are a military mom or dad, grandparent or caregiver, here are some important things you should know about the flu, and caring for children during the flu season.

Courage to Care: Becoming A Couple Again

Coming together as a couple after war deployment isn’t always easy or something that happens naturally. It requires effort, and an understanding that each person has grown and changed during

Courage to Care: Advancing the Health of the Family Left Behind

This Courage to Care focuses on the anxieties and concerns of families, especially children, of deployed soldiers. We draw upon the expertise of leaders in military medicine and family trauma

Courage to Care: Asking for Help (Family)

Not asking for help, or asking too late, can turn a manageable situation into something more serious.  For many people, ‘asking for help’ is not as easy as it sounds.