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Working the Beat: Law Enforcement and the Stress of Community Work

Law enforcement officers fill many roles in the community. Often community members expect a great deal of law enforcement — perhaps more than can be done by any one person

Natural Disasters: Optimizing Officer and Team Performance

Natural disasters are experienced as chaotic and filled with uncertainty. In preparing for and responding to natural disasters, law enforcement officers work with numerous other first responders and community components

Shift Work: Managing the Challenges of Disrupted Sleep Patterns and Extended Duty Hours

Law enforcement officers frequently work either the day shift or night shift for weeks at a time. If officers working nights keep the same sleep-wake patterns on days off as

Court Testimony: Managing the Stress of Court Appearance

Testifying in court is often stressful for law enforcement officers. Trials occur months after an arrest and memories of the details fade with time. Leading or ambiguous questions posed by