Resources Within ‘Intimacy’

Resources for Recovery: Physical Injury and Intimacy (Provider Sheet)

This fact sheet addresses key areas of patient concern around physical injury and intimacy, and recommends approaches for the improved care of our nation’s wounded warriors and their families. A

Resources for Recovery: Physical Injury and Intimacy (For Patients)

The injuries of war are life-changing events for service members and their families. One important area of change frequently not discussed is how physical injuries affect emotional and sexual relationships.

Resources for Recovery: Intimacy and Health (For Providers)

The impact of injury on intimacy is an often neglected aspect of healthcare and one that is especially important in caring for our nation’s service members and families. Many service

Resources for Recovery: Reintegration and Intimacy (For Families)

Reintegration is about more than coming home. It is about resuming and establishing relationships that provide pleasure, comfort and support. Intimacy — the capacity to enjoy closeness and sexual togetherness