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Mental Health and Behavioral Guidelines for Response to a Pandemic Flu Outbreak

It is only relatively recently that attention has been focused on the mental health impact of disasters. Previously, concerns related to immediate physical health and community infrastructure risks in the

Health Behaviors to Decrease Risk of Flu Transmission

This fact sheet includes some teachable and doable measures that can be communicated to families to help them stay informed and protect themselves. Good health practices can help reduce the

Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Family: H1N1 Influenza Guidelines

It is important to protect your health and the health of your family for risk of H1N1 influenza (referred to as “swine flu” early on). This virus is spreading from

Courage to Care: Public Health Emergencies (Family)

Public health emergencies, such as the swine flu epidemic, create a call to action for individuals and families to take responsibility for their health. The public is a key partner

Courage to Care: Public Health Emergencies (Provider)

Public health emergencies, such as those involving a potential global pandemic, create numerous opportunities and challenges around public health communication, preparedness, and response. Healthcare providers play a significant role in

Courage to Care: Flu Season, A Teachable Moment

We hope this fact sheet, and the attached fact sheet for patients will enhance your communication with service members and their families during the flu season. Flu season is a

Courage to Care: Caring Your Family During Flu Season

If you are a military mom or dad, grandparent or caregiver, here are some important things you should know about the flu, and caring for children during the flu season.