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Resources for Recovery: The Combat Injured Family, Guidelines for Care (For Providers)

Military families and children represent a heterogeneous population and live in geographically diverse settings: on military installations, in civilian urban and suburban communities, and in rural areas across the country.

Courage to Care: Helping Children Cope During Deployment

This fact sheet contains useful information for you — parents and family caregivers — to help children cope during a parents’ deployment. Experts in military medicine and family trauma who

Courage to Care: Becoming A Couple Again

Coming together as a couple after war deployment isn’t always easy or something that happens naturally. It requires effort, and an understanding that each person has grown and changed during

Courage to Care: Advancing the Health of the Family Left Behind

This Courage to Care focuses on the anxieties and concerns of families, especially children, of deployed soldiers. We draw upon the expertise of leaders in military medicine and family trauma