Joining Forces Joining Families April 2012

Featured Interview:

“Educating Civilian Social Work Professionals about Military Culture and Care”

Mary Ann Forgey, PhD

Mary Ann Forgey, PhD, is an associate professor at Fordham University Graduate School
of Social Service. Dr. Forgey received her BA
and MSW from Boston College, and her PhD
from Columbia University. She teaches a range
of practice courses in the foundation and
advanced years including electives that she
developed on intimate partner violence (IPV)
and most recently military social work. She has
been the principal investigator on two research
projects related to IPV within the military, the
results of which have been published in the
Journal of Family Violence, Violence and Victims and the Journal of Social Work Education. Prior
to entering academia, Dr. Forgey was employed
as a civilian social worker for the Department
of the Army in Wiesbaden, Germany. She also
worked as a child protection social worker in
Boston, Massachusetts.

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