Flu Season 2013: A Public Health Perspective for Military Providers

The flu season is not just a time of routine vaccination; it presents opportunities for public health education around individual and family health and important hygiene behaviors within and outside of the family. For military healthcare providers, the flu season can also provide patient-centered care opportunities: building new patient relationships; reassuring patients who are feeling the stressors of war and/or its aftermath; and, fostering the health of young parents and families.

This Courage to Care identifies some unique issues related to the care of our nation’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, and their families, which can help patients overcome barriers to care. We also provide important public health guidelines for healthcare settings during the flu season. In addition, there is a companion Courage to Care fact sheet for patients, Caring for Your Family During Flu Season, to be copied and placed in waiting areas and/or put on your healthcare organization’s website.

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