Child and Family Program

Military children and families face many challenges related to the extended and multiple deployments of service member parents. Repeated deployments, single  parenting and the distress of separation can affect marital and parent/child relationships, which may contribute to the increased rates of military child maltreatment and neglect recently reported in the scientific literature.  In addition to separations, anxiety about the health and wellbeing of deployed service members and the challenges of reunifications, military families may also be  faced with service member injury, illness (e.g., PTSD and other combat stress disorders) or death.

In 2010, the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Child and Family Program (CFP) research portfolio expanded to include more than seven million dollars in funding. The following research initiatives address the impact of deployment and war injuries on military families and children, military child maltreatment, and evaluation of the impact of parental death on children in the military and in the general population.